Juicer Buying Guide

These suggestions are based mostly on the quantity and quality of juice produced & the ease of juicing. With juicers as in most things, you get what you pay for!

All twin gear juicers excel in juicing wheatgrass, coconut, leafy veges & hard veges and fruits & are less easy to produce large quantities of soft fruit juices. If you wish to juice large quantities of soft fruit juices the Champion or the Oscar 930 Pro may be the best choice for you.

All twin gear juicers break down cellulose better than single augur juicers & will tend to last longer.

The Angel gives more juice for veges & fresh coconut.  It opens the cell walls far more than any other juicer and releases far more nutrients.  You will need the additional fruit attachment if you want to juice soft fruits like kiwifruit on their own.  Overall, for domestic use this is the best juicer and the one we use at home for all juicing

The Green Star juicers can handle anything but produces less juice than the Angel except for soft fruits. The Elite is the newest model in the Green Star range & we highly recommend it if it is in your budget as the best all-round juicer.

The Hippocrates is the next best - it is smaller and slower than the Green Star juicers.

The LexSun juicer with the new stainless steel band on the augur is next.

The Oscar 930 Pro is next - slightly more pulpy & juice does not stay as fresh for as long.

The Oscar Neo DA-1000 Ultem Tough Juicer is next - it has the latest Oscar design improvements.

The Oscar Vital Max 9000 is next - slightly more pulpy & juice does not stay as fresh for as long.

The Compact is next - it is slightly slower to use but is the cheapest & most compact.

The Champion Juicer can juice everything fast except for wheat grass.  The pulp is usually wetter than the above juicers but can easily be put through the juicer again to extract more juice.  Best for large quantities of juice fast & soft fruits. We used a Champion in our first juice bar in the 90's.  We used to cut the wheatgrass into 4cm lengths to juice. 

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